Twentieth Edition @ Something More Than Sides

Twentieth Edition: 8th January, 2010: Pharaoh Katt at Something More Than Sides

Optional theme this month is Feminism and Childcare

Pharaoh Katt writes:

Hello all and welcome to the 20th Down Under Feminist Carnival. This month has been a busy one, and the number of submissions I’ve received reflect that. This is my first carnival, so be kind šŸ™‚

I’m sorry this came out so late. I have had what is kindly described as a shit week. But all is good and I am resting and better, so yay.

This image was submitted by Lauredhel and comes from the post More Salt by Blue Milk
Description: A child crawling on wet sand, left arm raised as if to take another step. Tyre tracks are visible on the sand. In the distance is what appears to be a large water body and green land, possibly trees. The sky is bright blue with a few white/grey clouds visible.

The optional theme this month is Feminism and Childcare, so I’ll start with that.


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