Nineteenth Edition @ The Professional Lap Cat

Nineteenth Edition: 9th December, 2009: mynxii at The Professional Lap Cat

Theme: Invisible Sexism: The Elephant in the Room

mynxii writes:

Welcome to the December 9, 2009 edition of Down Under Feminists Carnival! First of all, sincere apologies for the lateness of the carnival – the beginning of the month gobbled me up and spat me out.

This month’s optional theme was ‘Invisible Sexism: The Elephant in the Room’ and I thought I’d mention briefly what I was thinking when I suggested it as my theme for the carnival I put my hand up to host. As a student of gender and cultural studies and avid feminist blog reader, one of the things that has caught my attention is the insidious nature of the sexism that many of us are trying to point to, show up, make visible and get into the discussion arena.

There seems to be this desperate attempt to just get things into the conversation space, so that at least the issue or concept is acknowledged to *exist*. I know that for myself, that when I’m tired of speaking up and saying something, reminding myself that often what I’m committed to is just that the conversation *happens* irrespective of the direction or outcome it takes, helps me continue to do so. It also reminds me to value everyone’s voices, even if I passionately disagree with them.

My analogy for talking about invisible sexism, is to describe these concepts as ‘elephants in the room’ – invisible elephants that stay invisible, until suddenly they’re not. You can describe the neon colours of the elephant till you’re blue in the face, but until something clicks, and someone sees the elephant for themselves, it stays invisible. However, once you start noticing the elephants in the room, you can’t ‘un-see’ them.

I like to think that the more elephants that more of us can’t ‘un-see’, the more conversations we’re having and that through continued conversations a real opportunity for equality in the future exists.

I should also clearly state that I’m a well known optimist and idealist, and that I don’t expect this to happen now, soon, or even in my lifetime. However, I can imagine a world where people get to be people and we value each other.
There’s a whole lot more elephants out there to uncover before we get to that path, alas. With that less optimistic note, I give you December’s Down Under Feminist Carnival.


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