How it works

This monthly carnival, with submissions hosted at, is open to all feminist bloggers in Australia and New Zealand. Showcase your own posts or those of others.

the logo for the Down Under Feminists Carnival - the international symbol for 'female' with the Southern Cross in the centre


Submit your posts by email to the carnival host.


The deadline is the second of each month for posts in the previous month. Each host should aim to get carnival up somewhere around the fifth of the month. (This is a little flexible in emergencies!)


Submissions of all types are welcome: long thinky pieces, quick hits, images, vlogs, whatever you’re writing. However, images, podcasts, and vlogs should be accessible to all users, with descriptions and/or transcripts provided.

  • All flavours of feminism are welcome; however, the host has the final say on what they wish to publish.
  • New bloggers and established bloggers are all welcome – participating in a carnival is a great way to join in the community.
  • Formed ideas and unformed ones are all fine.
  • All posts must be from Australian or New Zealander bloggers/writers, and must be feminism-related (including intersectionality) and/or on feminist blogs/websites.
  • Submit your own posts, and those of others.
  • Please don’t be shy – submit, submit, submit.

If you’d like to write something but don’t have a blog and don’t want one, send it through and we’ll consider posting it as a guest post. But blogs are quick, easy, and free, so why not get one of your own? Check out, or the journalling sites or if you’d like a private/friends-locking feature for more personal posts.


There is a default set of categories, but things overlap, and often a specific category or event or two will dominate in a month. Hosts are welcome to rearrange, add, and subtract the categories for their carnival however they wish.

Hosts may also set an optional theme for the month.


1. Mark your calendar with a repeat and set an alert, sometime in the last week of each month, to submit some posts.

2. Spread the word amongst your feminist networks. Please include a link to this website.

3. Consider offering to host an edition of the carnival anytime down the track. It’s great fun, but it does take a bit of work and commitment, so please factor that in. If you’re interested in hosting, please feel free to comment on the blog here, but also email me via the contact page, so I have your contact details and can keep track more readily.