The Sixteenth Down Under Feminists Carnival, Compiled by hexy

hexy has deleted the content on her blog, but she gave me permission to repost this edition here so it has a home. This was originally posted on 6 October 2009.

Welcome to the Sixteenth edition of the Down Under Feminists Carnival! This carnival features posts made by Aussie and Kiwi feminists leading up to September 2009. Enjoy, and remember to submit your posts for the next edition. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to clear the tumbleweeds from my poor neglected blog than by hosting the words of these amazing writers on such a varied and powerful range of topics.

Chally presents Why chicks dig “jerks” posted at Ideologically Impure, on the George Sodini murder/suicide.

Chally presents Cry me a river dickface posted at Fuck Politeness, also on the Sodini killings.

Chally presents Yes, we hate Nice Guys. Here’s why: posted at adrift and awake, saying, “A last one re: Sodini. From new blogger tor.”

Chally presents Timewarp posted at Spilt Milk, saying, “Outdated gender roles much?”

Chally presents Boy or girl? posted at Wallaby.

Aphie presents Quickhit: Invisible women, invisible politics posted atHoyden About Town.

Aphie presents Where are all the men bloggers? posted at Geek Feminism Blog.

Helen presents The male gaze: I see it at Larvatus Prodeo posted atLarvatus Prodeo, saying, “In response to a post on Possum Pollytics, “Where are all the female political bloggers?”, Anna Winter responds at Larvatus Prodeo. “Women are blogging about politics in very high numbers now, it’s just that they are being ignored or not counted as “political”…””

Julie presents What to expect…. when you weren’t expecting posted atThe Hand Mirror.

Helen presents Guest post by Glen Fuller: Kyle Sandilands, Jackie O as trauma jocks at Larvatus Prodeo posted at Larvatus Prodeo, saying, “This may not look like the sort of thing you’d choose for the Downunder Feminist Carnival category. But what I would like you to do is read the comments by “Casey”. So much wisdom. It’s a shame she doesn’t have her own blog. Go, Casey!”


tigtog presents This is the way the (working) world should be posted atAriane’s little world, saying, “A better balance between work, family and other pursuits wouldn’t be hard if people were willing to change some assumptions and patterns.”

Deborah presents Conversation on a country telephone posted atHomepaddock, saying, “Another one for the “women can’t be farmers!” files.”

Chally presents On bronchiolitis/(untitled) posted at Spilt Milk, saying, “A parenthood poem.”

Ariane presents Ceding Power posted at Ariane’s little world.

Julie presents Time out for parents posted at The Hand Mirror.

Julie presents It’s just not right apparently posted at Boganette.


Chally presents On unexamined privileges and unconscious behaviours posted at Hoyden About Town, saying, “A bit o’ privilege 101.”

Chally presents The name’s the thing « Zero at the Bone posted at Zero at the Bone, saying, “On denying women’s names and identities.

I can’t promise this is the last you’ll be hearing from me! Good luck with the carnival. :)”

Lauredhel presents Things wot I wrote at Feministe posted at hexy.


Deborah presents On marriage for lesbian and gay and other non-traditional couples posted at In a strange land.

Lauredhel presents Stray thought caused by the predictable fuckheaded Germaine Greer thoughts on Caster Semenya posted atSexual Ambiguities, saying, “”See, my mum and me? Are actually closer now since I transitioned. And I think the reason is, her knowledge is more valuable to me as a woman than as an assigned-male.””


Chally presents Christian Rossite’s right-to-die “win” is a complete fail. And I’m looking at you, and you and you. posted at Hoyden About Town.

Chally presents about rights and choice: a commitment posted at a shiny new coin, saying, “shiny’s response to L’s post on Christian Rossiter.”

Chally presents We are dying posted at Hoyden About Town, saying, “On the deaths of Australian scooter users, for which they’re being blamed.”

Chally presents A national electronic health and social record posted atHoyden About Town.

Chally presents In which homework is assigned < Zero at the Boneposted at Zero at the Bone, saying, “On accessibility. Listen up, abled folk!”

Observer presents Christian Rossiter’s right-to-die “win” is a complete fail. And I’m looking at you, and you and you. posted at Hoyden About Town.

Lauredhel presents A national electronic health and social recordposted at Hoyden About Town, saying, “”So Kerr’s immediate go-to idea is to make it quicker and easier to remove children from their parents. What he omits to do is envision situations where unlimited sharing of medical data could go wrong – including the extremely disturbing nature of his own thought-experiment, in which the removal of children from parents is a wholesome national good, a consummation devoutly to be wished. Because Australia’s never got that wrong before.””

Lauredhel presents We are dying posted at Hoyden About Town, saying, “and also here

Helen presents In which homework is assigned < Zero at the Boneposted at Zero at the Bone, saying, “Chally invites able bodies people to think, really think and reflect about accessibility. And she invites you to consider the kind of thinking she needs to do when scoping out a new space.”


Deborah presents perspectives posted at stargazer, saying, “The reality of polite daily life as a member of a minority group”

Deborah presents who’ll be caring for you? posted at The Hand Mirror, saying, “Relying on women of colour to be caregivers for the nation’s aged people, and paying them bad wages.”

Chally presents Tom Calma: Indigenous Advisory Body to have Full Gender Equality at All Levels posted at Hoyden About Town, saying, “What it says on the tin. Also from Hoyden, I think I submitted this a couple of weeks ago but I’m not sure.”


Lauredhel presents Ten Steps to a Perfect Fanstorm posted at Hoyden About Town, saying, “Do we need a category for “evpsych FAIL”?”


Marjorie Morgan presents Jessica Watson posted at GO! Girls Outdoors, saying, “Jessica is from Queensland and wants to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world at the age of 16 – a young girl with the spirit of adventure!”

Deborah presents Timewarp posted at Spilt Milk, saying, “Gendering children”


Observer presents It’s ok to laugh! Because a lady said it! Titter, titterposted at adrift and awake.

Observer presents A man rebukes, a woman snaps apparently posted at Fuck Politeness.

Observer presents did you hear the one about the Crikey bloggers?posted at a shiny new coin.

Observer presents is this what it is to be human? posted at a shiny new coin.

Julie presents The Hand Mirror: November and Sarah Haskins posted at The Hand Mirror.

Julie presents Sunday Star Times less than celestial posted atLudditejourno’s Weblog.


Chally presents there is a spoon but it?s not yours posted at a shiny new coin, saying, “Some meta-blogging.”

Ariane presents This is the way the (working) world should be posted at Ariane’s little world.

Ariane presents Power of the peri-menopausal woman posted at work life web.

Lauredhel presents babalon_93: Hello Baby posted at Subway To Venus, saying, “Congratulations to carnival regular sajbrfem (babalon-93) on her new baby!”


Deborah presents Why are Women Not Blogging Politics? posted atThe Memes of Production: A cultural studies weblog, saying, “A response to a question on Crikey: Why are women not blogging politics?

See also Invisible Women, invisible politics at Hoyden about Town.”

Observer presents On banning the burqa posted at The Dawn Chorus.

Lauredhel presents Quickhit: Invisible women, invisible politicsposted at Hoyden About Town, saying, “and here

Helen presents Fixing to have a meltdown cos women dare to have a contrary opinion posted at Fuck Politeness, saying, “FP eviscerates the defensive comments that ensue on recent discussions around the topic of “where are all the women political bloggers” on Crikey and Larvatus Prodeo. That. Right there. Is why I don’t bother with your spaces. Because you’re only too ready, nay, damned eager to jump all over and trample upstart-0y women who have experienced the world in ways that question your cocksure belief that the need for feminism is over, equality for all, click your heels, zippity-doo-dah.


Chally presents This is not an IBARW post II posted at Ideologically Impure, saying, “Pretty much what it says on the tin!”

Chally presents Northern Territory Aboriginal people seek refugee status with UN posted at Hoyden About Town, saying, “Following from the intervention.”

Chally presents when no-one hears you scream posted at a shiny new coin, saying, “On Indigenous Australians being silenced again and again.”

Chally presents An observation posted at Zero at the Bone, saying, “On light skin privilege, passing and such.”

Observer presents when no-one hears you scream posted at a shiny new coin.

Lauredhel presents Tom Calma: Indigenous Advisory Body to have Full Gender Equality at All Levels posted at Hoyden About Town, saying, “”This national representative body has been planned with strict gender equality from the ground up. Not only will the co-chairs be one male and one female person, but the National Executive and each individual chamber of the decision-making National Congress must have equal numbers of men and women. “”


Julie presents Abortion is not your punchline, DPF posted atIdeologically Impure.

Lauredhel presents Inaccurate contraceptive info from National Prescribing Service posted at Hoyden About Town, saying, “”The NPS comparison-chart information on contraceptive efficacy is not evidence-based; it’s based on a series of assumptions and estimates and aggregations, and an error of baseless disaggregation that I can’t call anything but egregious.

Your health dollars at work. Your body at risk.””

Janet Fraser presents Looking glass Alice examines birth and parenting in our culture. – More ways to shit on women Part 47 – laugh at violence against us *trigger warning* – Blognow posted at Looking Glass Alice, saying, “More ways to shit on women Part 47 – laugh at violence against us.

*trigger warnings: rape mentioned, episiotomy images*

Birthrape denial is hot news at the moment

Why is birthrape routinely dismissed as a few women whining about the use of lifesaving intervention? Further hint: birthrape isn’t medicalised birth, it’s doing things to women’s bodies without consent. Little things like cutting open of vaginas often without anaesthetic (even people who like medicalised birth can read studies to indicate this is a dumb idea that benefits no one), shoving hands and fingers into women’s vaginas without consent, or even cutting women’s bodies open after a series of coersions, humiliations, and again without consent. Doesn’t that provoke the slightest flinch in you?

Is it really that hard to understand? Consent. We’re talking consent. The right for women to decide what happens to their bodies. Consent.”


Pharaoh Katt presents Nature Vs. Nurture posted at Something More Than Sides.

PodBlack presents On Women, Paranormal Belief And When Yahoo Answers Wrong posted at PodBlack Cat, saying, “Influences on why women tend to believe in anti-science and how there’s more factors than you might think!”

Julie presents The Hand Mirror: The Age of Stupid posted at The Hand Mirror.


Helen presents Inaccurate contraceptive info from National Prescribing Service posted at Hoyden About Town, saying, “An important post from Lauredhel at Hoyden about Town. You’d think that the information on contraceptive effectiveness from charts put out by the National prescribing Service would be accurate. Not so, it seems.”

Observer presents Sex makes babies?! zomg. « adrift and awakeposted at adrift and awake.


tigtog presents They are mine, they are mine, they are mine « Zero at the Bone posted at Zero at the Bone, saying, “Could also fit under Sex and Relationships – how ogling can be perceived by women because of the all-encompassing sexualisation of women’s breasts.”

Deborah presents Please, no fighting (your thighs) in front of the children? posted at Spilt Milk, saying, “why the hell do we still think WE should diet to fit into clothes instead of, you know, getting clothes that fit US?”

Chally presents a mandate is a mandate is a mandate posted at adrift and awake, saying, “On beauty standards”

Chally presents They are mine, they are mine, they are mine « Zero at the Bone posted at Zero at the Bone, saying, “Breast ogling. This post got thousands of hits and lots of trolls!”

Observer presents They are mine, they are mine, they are mine « Zero at the Bone posted at Zero at the Bone.

Demelza presents pissed off at celebs….. posted at SAHM Feminist.

Susan White presents 10 Truly Shocking Facts About Organ Trafficking posted at Online Nursing


Helen presents Violence by Numbers posted at Hoyden About Town, saying, “Reports in the Daily Telegraph and the ABC news show a 159% increase, between 1999 and 2007, in the number of women charged with domestic assaults. Let’s not mince words, that percentage of increase is very very bad! And it just proves the MRAs were right all along… Er, perhaps not.”

Julie presents The Hand Mirror: why do we need a new clinical framework? posted at The Hand Mirror.

Julie presents The ACC gravy train posted at Ludditejourno’s Weblog, saying, “This is part of a series of posts on the issue, all well worth checking out.”

Lauredhel presents Violence by Numbers posted at Hoyden About Town, saying, “”Here’s a truth which the MRAs didn’t mention in their interviews: notwithstanding the percentage of domestic violence charges, in that category more women than men end up dead. “”

Lauredhel presents logansrogue: 10 Things Not to Say to a Sexual Assault Victim. posted at Chronic Narcissism, saying, “Sometimes, we assault victims talk about our experiences. There are certain things we want to hear, and then there’s a buttload of things we don’t. ”


mynxii presents National Identity. posted at Transcendancing, saying “Where are my role models for what identity as an Australian woman is?”

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