The Twenty-Third Down Under Feminists Carnival, Collated by Bri

Bri  has deleted the content on her blog, but she gave me permission to repost this edition here so it has a home. This was originally posted on 5 April 2010.

I am lucky enough to be hosting the 23rd Down Under Feminist Blog Carnival and do I have a carnival for you, or what?!

the logo for the Down Under Feminists Carnival - the international symbol for 'female' with the Southern Cross in the centre

The theme for this month is Body Acceptance and I have some amazing links along those lines as well as some great stuff  written by Down Under feminists pertaining to other feminist issues. So with no further ado, let’s dig in…

Body Acceptance

Eddy at Eddy’s Queerrant Space shares about  Doubts, Questioning, Affirming, Accepting

Sometimes I have trouble remembering that my decision not to take hormones is neither validated nor invalidated by other people’s choices to take them, and their choice to take them is neither validated nor invalidated by my choice not to.

At Fatuosity there is an awesome rant asserting that There is no such thing as a ‘natural’ body in response to reactions surrounding Donna Simpson…

This is my response to Donna Simpson aiming to become the ‘world’s fattest woman’. Actually, no, this is my response to other people’s responses to the story.  The horrified, the disgusted, the morally outraged, the pitying.  The responses from fat-haters and fat-accepters.  Almost all of them are pissing me off…

Janey over at Axis of Fat muses over her father’s comments regarding her weight in her post Ah, Parents

The other day my dad commented to me about how if i get any bigger, others might start to orbit around me. I assume he was saying this in a negative way (ie YOU ARE AS BIG AS THE PLANET, FATTY FAT FAT) but I actually took it as a compliment.

Fatadelic wonders  why do we hate ourselves at 15?

Why do we spend our teenage years hating ourselves and our bodies so much? Is it universal that we look back at photos of ourselves and realise that we were actually pretty and not the hideous monstrosities we thought we were?

and talk about a guy who concern trolls while simultaneously trying to pick up (at church) in my post   Concern Trolling at It’s Best

I figured it would be some middle aged guy carrying on about ‘those feminist bitches’ yet again. I wasn’t disappointed on that score.

and also remind you all  (and disagree with the premise) that (apparently)  Fat Models Are Bad!

If I see an ad with fat models (not thin models) I can assure you that my self esteem does not suffer! If anything, it is bolstered because finally I am seeing people that look like me and getting an idea how clothes etc might look on me and my fat body rather than on a size 2 body.

Lauredhel over at Hoyden About Town deflates the groundbreaking news that we need to Get On That Treadmill Laydeez

So tonight, Channel Ten News is all about New! Groundbreaking! Research! purporting to show that women actually need “three times more exercise than previously thought(!!1!)” in order to avoid weight gain. No longer twenty minutes per day, we all have to exercise for a full hour each and every day in order to not inflate like the Hindenburg and becoming gross fatty mcfatfats who will drop dead at a sideways look from a well-stuffed couch and a baby-flavoured doughnut.

The ever amazing Chally from Zero At The Bone shares about  Keeping Up Appearances

Of course, when I got there, she held out her hand and I shook it. I cradled my arm afterwards and made pain faces when she had her back turned and berated myself for not taking care of myself.

and how she stands up But Not For Myself

On Wednesday, I stepped onto a train during rush hour and watched the last few seats fill up…I thought about needing a seat, needing to preserve some energy to get through the day. I thought about how my knees had started paining on Monday night as I’d settled down to sleep, and how very hard Tuesday had been on them. I thought about being perfectly within my rights to ask someone for a seat. And then I thought about how I looked, healthy and really young and dressed in a cheerful t-shirt.

Fat Heffalump talks about  The Language Of Hate  (potentially offensive language warning)

I’ve had one of those days today.  You know the days, the ones where you feel like you’re trying to empty an Olympic sized swimming pool with a drinking straw while it’s bucketing down with rain.  Where I feel like what I do around fat acceptance and feminism is just a tiny grain of sand against a huge ocean.

and also  The Woman I Want To Be

One of my friends who is over a decade younger than myself and I were talking about the whole thing of women we admired when we were kids, or were younger women, and it got me thinking about the fact that now, in my late 30’s, I am of the age group that can be of influence to other young girls and women.

Parenting (or not) and Reproductive Issues

In the realm of parenting (or not parenting) and reproductive issues,

Spilt Milk finds the focus of a media piece rather mind boggling in  The Daddy Country

Blue Milk talks about  The Terrifying Softness of Motherhood

Stef at A Touch of the Crazy shares the intensely personal Today Is The Day I Don’t Have A Baby

Lauredhel from Hoyden About Town celebrates with  Breastfeeding People Protected in WA At Last

and SAHM Feminist ask an  Ethical Question…

Relationships And Sex

Rachel at Musings of an Inappropriate Woman discusses the notion that  Picky Women Will Be Alone Forever

Megan at Craft Is The New Black ruminates on the policing of New Zealand women’s sexuality in Sigh

and Rachel at The Sexy Myth asks  Is Raunch Culture Real?

On The Patriarchal Crap We Deal With Each And Every Day

Lissy at Thinking About My Kink slams the playing of  Rape Apologist Bingo and Sex Offender Excusing

while  Spilt Milk rails at Facebook – Bastion of Misogyny

Other Bits That I Had No Section For…

Pondering Postfeminism discusses Super Women and the Changing Face of Feminism

and PodBlackCat revisits  the Ratio Question

Thanks to everyone who offered up their contributions and HEY! to those whose posts were included because I thought they deserved to be!


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