The Thirtieth Down Under Feminists Carnival, Collated by Bri

Bri  has deleted the content on her blog, but she gave me permission to repost this edition here so it has a home. This was originally posted on 7 November 2010.

Welcome to the 30th Down Under Feminist Carnival! I was inundated with submissions for the carnival (over 150) so forgive me if your submission was omitted. So without further ado, let’s get things rolling…

In the category of Intersectionality we have It Makes Sense from rabbitarmy; an amazing post addressing the ‘squishy bits’ by Beppie posting at Hoyden About Town; and a Quick Question from Chally at Zero at the Bone.

Talking about Sexuality we have Bluebec who says sometimes it is just about sex;  a gentlenerofleisure reminding us that your sensuality is not my sensuality; The Sex Myth talking aboutyoung people on raunch culture; and Edie at queerrantspace doubting, questioning, affirming and accepting. Stephen Fry’s comments regarding women’s sexuality stirred things up and you can read some great responses hereherehere and here.

Talking about Family-Parenting-Relationships we have discussion about extended breastfeeding in novels; the Master of the House and The Good Wife; what’s out there for our sons but not for our daughters; Blue Milk addresses the terrifying softness of motherhood; An Inappropriate Woman askswill picky women be alone forever? and we meet Charlie

In Reproductive Justice we remember the lost; talk about being pro choice; tell Peter Carlisle to fuck off and look at the recent precedent set in Queensland abortion law.

Body and Mind Issues takes us to gentlenerdofleisure who talks about the mental health system; fatheffalump who encourages ownership of our emotions and talks about switching off; The Hoydens look at being fat in public; Natalie Perkins muses on the performance of beauty; Boganette asks if she is a Facebook bitch; Ideologically Impure asserts that easy discrimination is an inconvenient reality; Bluebec considers her relationship with her body, as does Chally. Frances at Corpulent gives the two middle fingers to anyone who says a fat chick shouldn’t wear a two piece swimsuit; Fatuousity says there is no such thing as a natural body; we get a chance to go transcendancing and over at In a Strange Land there is discussion surrounding the inconvenience of periods and pregnancyand a guest post that is worth a read.

The realms of Race and Racism gives us We’ve Been Pwned at newswithnipples; Relative to What? Parts One and Two by Chally; allmypenguins presenting misogyny and racism in one handy app and Shonais would like to see traditional owners of the land recognised in more concrete ways. There is also a post over at Crimitism talking about the ongoing failure of Australians to realise that minstrel shows are inappropriate.

As always there was a lot to say about violence against women (in all its insidious forms) . Bluebec reminds us there is always an agenda and that Spida should just get back in his box and stay there and Spilt Milk posts in the same vein under the title Not a Cup of Milo. In A Strange Land looks atVictim Blaming 101; Fatheffalump encourages us to take back the net; News With Nipples looks atTony Abbott’s strategy of calling Julia Gillard a bitch when things aren’t going his way and Judgy McJudgyPants; whyimbitter talks about the blame game and the Hoydens examine the public shaming of Kristy Fraser-Kirk.

I hope you all enjoyed this months offerings and thanks to all those who submitted their own or other people’s posts for consideration!


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