The Fifty-Seventh Down Under Feminists Carnival, Collated by Bri

Bri  has deleted the content on her blog, but she gave me permission to repost this edition here so it has a home. This was originally posted on 10 February 2013.

I have the privilege of hosting the 57th Down Under Feminist Carnival and while I am sorry it’s a bit late (kids starting school this week, work, things have been all over the place) I think you will agree there are lots are great blog posts here to sink your teeth into!


the logo for the Down Under Feminists Carnival - the international symbol for 'female' with the Southern Cross in the centre


Women, Science and Technology

Cate at Accidentally in Code relates her narrative of being a woman in tech in her post Stories We Don’t Tell and Ideologically Impure posts about the reality of gender discrimination in science while LudditeJourno at The Hand Mirror says Bad Science Isn’t Sexy.


All About Rebel Wilson

Can Be Bitter offers up a big fat Rebel Wilson special focusing on Wilson’s appearances in Pitch PerfectBachelorette and Bridesmaids. (On a personal note I have always been intrigued that when interviewed Wilson refuses to say how old she is. I don’t actually care how old she is, I just find it intriguing that she won’t say) and Blue-bec also reviews Pitch Perfect .


Religious Institutions, the Australian Christian Lobby and Jim Wallace

Shellity puts the spotlight on the loophole in Australian anti-discrimination laws that allow religious institutions to discriminate against job applicants as they see fit  and Gladly, The Cross-Eyed Bear says it is time Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby put his money where his mouth is while No Place for Sheep takes on Mr Wallace as well.


Australian Politics

Maintain the Beige takes on sexism, misogyny and politics (no small topic there!) and Tony Abbott and the politics of the personal. No Place for Sheep also examines Mr Abbott and his overwhelming benevolence in allowing his staffer to store her IVF drugs in his personal fridge at work. Megpie71  at the Hoyden’s challenges Federal Minister Jenny Macklin (who said she could live on the dole before some time later apologising for the statement) to put her money where her mouth is (perhaps Macklin should team up with Jim Wallace for this one?).

Settle Petal wonders if Nova Peris could be the first Indigenous woman in Australian Federal Parliament?


Around the World

Ana Almonacid shares her perception of feminism in Chile  and Rosie Cuppaidge posts a graphic that shares thoughts on how to make the world more feminist.

The horrific gang rape and ultimate murder of Jyoti Singh in India gave rise to several posts – here at The Hand Mirror and here at Ariane’s Little World 


A Bit of Her-story

The UQ (University of Queensland) wom*n’s collective gives us a flashback to 1981 when UQ banned the sale of magazines that apparently exploited women.


The Arts

Frances at Corpulent asks what is big, naked and shakes all over? (Fat Burlesque  of course!) and Kath at Fat Heffalump looks at shame-loss artwork.

Do you know what Visibility Fiction is? If not you should pop over to Stuffed Olive and have a read of this post and the links provided. Some beautiful and thought-provoking poetry offerings at Eglantine’s Cake and The Sarah Monologues – Of Course (part 1) and Of Course (part 2). 

Mindy looks at the idea that if a guy invites you to his place to watch a movie then you should damn well know what he actually expects (and apparently it isn’t just to share some popcorn) and Orlando  celebrates men who dance  and while we are on the topic of men who dance I have to share Master Jack Woog with you. Not sure where his mum stands on feminism but this is a boy who has the moves!


Life Passages 

I talked about what to do when they want to end it (content warning: suicide), Ariane shares a moving piece about missing her Dad  who passed 15 years ago and Helen over the The Cast Iron Balcony shares about the recent loss of her Dad.

Settle Petal examines the concept of the Old Maid



Andie Fox commits motherhood blasphemy by admitting she hates playgroup and at Blue Milk she looks at the controversy in writing about your children. Anthea at The Hand Mirror talks aboutpublic noise (that of children and other sources). Rosanne shares her thoughts about her daughter and Barbies at Modern Mama


Sexuality and the Body

Ideologically Impure posts about those evil transsexuals who bullied the innocent cis white lady  and wonders who will be the first openly gay All Black 

Different desires (of the sexual kind) are talked about over with the Hoydens and RoBo Cup looks at the recent claim that PMS is a myth.

Kath over at Fat Heffalump is adamant we need to let go of constantly trying to meet the bar set by fat haters.

Claire Hosking talks gaming characters and boobs  and on the subject of boobs, In Hanoi looks at transgressive breastfeeding and the rules of the public sphere and Pondering Postfeminism has something to say on that issue as well as does Elizabeth at Spilt Milk 


Society  and Ethics

Ideologically Impure looks at the Bystander Effect in her post Ethical Responsibility to Step In and Kiwiana (inked) talks about the Bystander Effect and Photojournalism. Missaleksia looks at the ‘shaming’ of the guys involved in the Nice Guys of OKCupid 

Jocelyn Bosse says You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing and Rachel Hills at Musings of an Inappropriate Woman asks if Intersectionality is Dirty Word.

Blunt Shovels wants welfare taken out of the goldfish bowl and Jo at A Life Unexamined looks at the fallacy that Australia is a classless society


I hope you enjoy this months DUFC carnival and remember to send in your submissions for the March carnival!


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